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I thank God for Tinubu – Dele Farotimi

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Dele Farotimi, human rights activist and lawyer has said he thanks God for the emergence of President Bola Tinubu.
He spoke when he appeared on an online chat show monitored by DopeReporters.

He stated that Tinubu actually came to unmask so many people Nigerians held in high esteem.

He said that’s one of the qualities of that man. He ensures he tags people along with his lifestyle.

“If not for Tinubu some men would have gone to their graves with honor”

In thanking God for Tinubu, Mr Farotimi revealed that through Tinubu, Nigerians and the world have seen the naked revelation of all and sundry.

He noted that all is laid bare and no one will be able to whitewash their reputation and write folklores of them being members of the pantheon of heroes past.

To him, Tinubu helped us to demystify many people that we taught were men and women of values and integrity.
He helped us to unravel pretenders and fake activists.

He pointed at Pastors and Men of God people had admired a lot until Tinubu came along and the Men of God started to speak from both sides of the mouth, noting that now people know better.


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