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Have the Supreme Court Justices been bribed by President Tinubu?

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Whatever the Supreme Court decide would be respected by me.

Erase the suspicion that the Supreme Court Justices have been bribed by President Tinubu.

Now see this…

What is it that President Tinubu would give to or promise the Justices of the Supreme court that Atiku or Obi would not be able to give them to as an act of appreciation if either of them is declared winner by the Supreme Court with Tinubu sacked?

If the Supreme Court sacks President Tinubu, there’s nothing Tinubu would be able to do to them and they would be given full protection by the new President (Atiku or Obi)

The Presidential fate of Obi, Atiku and Tinubu are presently on the hands of the Court Justices.

Honestly, I don’t think any of them can bribe their way through.

What would Tinubu give to them that Atiku or Obi won’t give to them if either of them is given the mandate?

There’s no reason for you saying the judgment has already been decided by the Supreme Court Justices because you believe they’ve been bribed.

If the judgment doesn’t favor your candidate, then know your candidate was not able to reasonably prove their points.

Let’s think outside the box

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