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Disqualify Tinubu Now – By Benjamin Mayor

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I am publicly calling upon my fellow Nigerians to join me in advocating for the disqualification of Tinubu and Shettima from Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidature.

My conviction is hinged on the premise that they are not educationally suited to hold these esteemed offices due to Tinubu certificate forgery.

The certificate forgery by Tinubu presents an unspeakable embarrassment to the Nigerian nation.

A nation, admired and recognised for its intellectual power and creativity, should not be led by individuals who are implicated in such grave scandals.

This is a grievous offence and should be favoured with the due severity as articulated in our constitution

According to the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, it is stated, and I quote.

A potential candidate must be educationally qualified for the distinguished role. If an individual is found to perpetrate dishonesty in this aspect, he/she should not be permitted to ascend to power.

The esteemed offices of the President and Vice President demand impeccable character and unwavering adherence to truth individuals with ties to forgery clearly fall short of these expectations.

The quagmire of the Nigerian nation deserves a much needed intervention, and this can not be achieved by leaders with a questionable educational background.

The reality of a nation striving to vanquish the ghosts of corruption calls for leadership that anchors its credibility on sincerity, integrity, and transparency

In the past years, Nigeria has been futilely grappling with endemic corruption, which has delegitimised state institutions, especially the judiciary, and negatively impacted our global image.

Appointing individual like Tinubu with such crimes  flitting about them is an entrenchment of the same malaise we are straining to extricate ourselves from. It permits the wounds of corruption to foster

Historically, nations have paid a hefty price when leaders without appropriate qualifications take charge. The current economic situation in Nigeria is an example to illustrate the same. Not only do these leaders fall short on effective policies and decisions, but their integrity is constantly under scrutiny, catalysing social unrest and instability.

Furthermore, let it be known that certificate forgery is not only an educational violation but also a criminal offence that is affiliated with punishment under our constitution.

The National Assembly, acting as the core custodians of our democracy, should carry out its duty by initiating impeachment proceedings against Tinubu and Shettima, the violators.

This preventive measure can help save Nigeria from chaos that Nigerians themselves might plunge into, triggered by a sense of despair and injustice.

This is not just a simple call for disqualification. It is a call for the fortification of the values that underpin our great nation. It is an appeal for the sanctity of truth, integrity, and respect for the constitution.

I implore all Nigerians to critically assess these circumstances and stand on the right side of history. We need leaders with integrity, legitimate qualifications, and a clear vision for the amelioration of our beloved nation.

It is a call finished, not in despair, but I hope for a better Nigeria.

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