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Can Poland Be The Next Battle Zone After Ukraine?-By Tomaž Vargazon

Can it be? Yes, absolutely.

Will it? Not bloody likely.

Russian losses in Ukraine have been rather serious.

Russia invaded Ukraine with something like 85% of all their available combat troops and in three weeks of attacking from three sides with a fair bit of surprise, managed to take one city of significance, Kherson. They’re outside of Mauriopol and trying to get in, but the starving city defends itself well from the onslaught.

Poland has had access to NATO training and equipment for a decade longer than Ukraine has, their military is much better financed and Poles will fight Russians just as readily as Ukrainians will.

If Russia invades Poland they will have found Ukraine to have been relatively easy – and they lost 5–10% of the invading force in three weeks, having achieved nothing of note.

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