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Bad Road: Olomi-Olunde residents cry for help

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Residents of Olomi-Olunde in the Oluyole local government area of Oyo State, South West Nigeria have lamented the deplorable state of the Olomi-Olunde-Ijebu Igbo link road which has become a nightmare for road users and residents.

The hapless Nigerians there say the road project awarded in 2018 has been abandoned making life unbearable for many while a lot of businesses have crumbled due to the poor state of the road.

They want the federal government to mobilize a more capable and equipped contractor back to the site to see to the completion of the road project.

This is the Olomi-Olunde-Ijebu Igbo link road located in the heart of Oluyole local council district of Oyo State,it’s the only access road that links Academy, Olomi,Olunde all the way to Ijebu-Igbo in Ogun State.

The road is a nightmare for motorists who are now frequent visitors to mechanic workshops to repair their cars.

Residents here say they have had enough, they want the authorities to come to their rescue by fixing the entire stretch of the road.

The 45 kilometer Olomi-Olunde-Ijebu Igbo link road was first awarded in 2018 and ever since, work on the road has been at snail-speed with major intersections and bridges poorly constructed and this development has drawn the ire of the residents who have called for the revocation of the road project from the current contractor.

The plight of residents of the Olomi-Olunde community have drawn the attention of the leadership of the House of Representatives adhoc committee who are here for an on the spot assessment and have promised to put the interest of the people on the front burner.

Five years down the line, it remains to be seen whether the Federal Government would match word with action and fix this link road which is a strategic lifeline to many residents and a corridor for travellers who hope to have a pleasurable ride to their destination.



-Muritala SULEIMAN- Resident

-Kayode Sunday – Resident

-Modupeola Ogini – Resident

-Comrade Gboyega Aremu – Resident

– Folawoyo Bello, Federal Commissioner, public compliant commission

– Rt Hon Kwamoti Bitrus Laori,
Chairman Adhoc committee to inspect the road


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