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Afghan Girls Will Return To School Soon – Taliban

The Taliban may have bowed to international pressure as the Afghanistan Ministry of Interior Affairs has announced that girls will be allowed to return to secondary schools soon.

The spokesman for the ministry, Qari Saeed Khosty made this known on Sunday. He however said the exact timing will be announced by the Ministry of Education in subsequent times. 

“From my understanding and information, in a very short time all the universities and schools will be reopened and all the girls and women will return to school and their teaching jobs.”

“This is something that we’ve been hearing from the Taliban since they took power. Yes, they’re going to return. But it’s going to take time. And of course, that’s taking a toll on a lot of the girls.

“They want to go back to school, they want to continue their studies. This is also one of the demands of the international community for the Taliban to protect and safeguard the rights of girls and women to go to school and to work,” he said.

Although the Taliban, upon taking over power in August had promised to uphold the rights of girls and women, their overt and covert actions have pointed in the opposite direction.

Young girls at school and work places were instructed to stay at home. Some were forcefully ejected from their places of work. The excuse then was that the environment was not friendly enough for young ladies to be seen schooling or working outside of their homes.

It has also been reported that the Taliban had discretely instructed some universities to come up with gender segregation policies before they can be allowed to re-open. 

The Taliban also faced intense global backlash when it recently instituted an all-male cabinet. Although the Taliban responded by saying that some women may be considered for the cabinet later, international observers are of the fears that the anti-women position of the Aghan Government might spur a refugee problem for other countries globally. 

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