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Adedayo Now Poster Boy For Tinubu’s Detractors- By Josiah Ademulegun

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In his today (Sunday’s) column, Festus Adedayo PhD, a brilliant journalist did nothing new. He merely did a rehash of what has become an obsolete but inconsequential tantrums against the person of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Good or bad, Asiwaju Tinubu has become a sellable copy for newspapers, magazines, columnists and especially online platforms seeking cheap popularity. Tinubu, with all sense of modesty, has become the main issue in contemporary Nigerian politics.

The Asiwaju Tinubu brand creates an easy route for anyone or institutions seeking fast recognition or ephemeral public attention.

To many, if their wives/husbands misbehaved, Tinubu caused it. To others, if they have headaches, Tinubu is responsible.

Yet, most of these self-made detractors of Tinubu have at one time or the other benefited from his vast connections and large heartedness.

Most pay nocturnal obeisance to Tinubu but in day time turn his virulent critics. Others for lack of access to him turn against him.

For informing the media that he had formally informed President Mohammadu Buhari of his intention to succeed him, Tinubu, despite the fact that two or three other Nigerians have followed suit, became the ONLY target of apostles of hate.

Everyone seeking undeserved recognition in the public space, took to the streets/platforms to feast on the Tinubu brand. This most abused political brand in Nigeria’s public space is shockingly the most realistically popular brand amongst the people.

Tinubu has become a phenomenon that his abusers hate to love. Adedayo’s treatise: ‘Why Tinubu Must Never Be President’ is more like a mere mortal daring God than educating the public.

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All that he said in the column raises a juxtaposition: ‘Why Tinubu Must Be Nigeria’s Next President.’ For Tinubu to have survived thus far despite brutal attacks on his person, is an indication that he’s a divinely created political enigma that avaricious traducers must learn to tolerate.

For millions of Adedayos of this world, it’s time to jettison trivialities/selfishness and focus on what can be done to move the country forward.

The focus on issues that are necessary to move the nation forward assuredly preoccupies Tinubu’s thinking for now. And nothing, not even irritant personalized articles can distract him from concentrating on the all important task of nation building.

Comrade Josiah Ademulegun is the Coordinator, Movement Against Societal Hatred (MASH)

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