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Man attempts suicide in Lekki in broad daylight

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A young man has been caught on camera today at the Lekki area of Lagos, Nigeria, attempting to commit suicide.

In a video posted on social media by influencer on the X platform, @Mbahdeyforyou, the young man is seen hanging from a rope which has been suspended from a bridge while he is standing on a white bus.

Two men who were at the scene immediately took action. They climbed the bus and struggled with him to make sure he didn’t go through with hanging himself.

In the background of the video, some people can be heard saying “leave him, leave him”.

After a lot of struggling from the young man who did not want to let go, they successfully untied the rope from his neck to put an end to his suicide attempt.

Attached to the bridge and the rope where he attempted to commit suicide was a cardboard with the words “Justice End Game Media”.

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