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Dear Bob Dee
I am surprised at your comments and outbursts on the RCCG memo on Politics. Though your statement is carefully couched and respectfully presented, it smacks backstabbing, publication of lies to gain advantage and absolute misrepresentation to bring the Church to disrepute and to sabotage good intentions of the Nigerian Church at large. It is like another dose of tranquilizer administered on a giant just waking up.
Though I find it difficult to believe these are your intentions, but as I read through your presentation, I became very doubtful and I sensed this is exactly the Journalism some of your friends practised during the June 12 era when deliberate falsehood were published as facts and Nigerians were misled into embracing wrong decisions that we are yet to come out from as a nation. I remember that you also recently apologized for your “unfounded” position and publications pre 2015 Elections.
If indeed you are not just a member of the RCCG, but very close to the G.O, his wife and Children and infact, Mrs Adeboye had at some point contributed to the progress of your ego booster-Ovation, why did you not reach them for an explanation before going to Press? Why did you choose to rely on hear say, that the Purpose of the memo is to help Professor Osinbajo?
Have you been to the leadership of the Church and they told you they are working for Osinbajo, so as to motivate your conclusion? Can you precisely speak about their relationship with Pastor (Senator) Remi and her husband? What about other Christians like Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa and others of other denominations who have gone to seek the support and take the blessings of RCCG leadership?
As leaders or aspiring leaders, I want to advise that we should be careful about the statements we make or publish. We don’t have to talk when we don’t have facts.
Unlike you, I am not a member of RCCG but I can tell you for free that what the RCCG leadership did was in compliance with a request by PFN’s Directorate of Politics and Governance to all Churches to wake up to their Civic responsibilities so that Righteousness will be exalted in our nation. DPG is an age long arm of PFN formerly known as SSO.
You may need to go back to the Church or to PFN to find the true position if you truly care to know.
Nigeria is where it is today because good people don’t vote or seek to be voted for. If Religious Organization now wakes up and seek to educate, motivate and mobilize themselves to say enough of bad leadership, what is wrong in that?
By your writing, you are now 62 years old, if I may ask, have you seen good people thrive in our government in all of your years? Are you not in this country to know the kind of people that win our elections? Vain men, persons of low character, ritualists, fraudsters, drug barons, money mongers etc dominating our Politics? Is it not high time all Godly people Christians/Moslems came together to identify and encourage the best to step forward in their communities and to also vote the best in every election?
Please kindly check up the facts and appropriately withdraw your wrong insinuations and possibly apologize for the misinformation.
As you do this, I wish you the very best in your endeavors and pray that you experience in your journey through countries will find expression in its deployment to move Nigeria forward.
Very Sincerely,
Pastor Kayode Jacobs

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